Family Enterprise Advisory

Build on Your Legacy


We offer highly specialized services to family businesses, guiding multi-generational business to continue and build on their legacy.  With over 12 years of experience working with family businesses, we understand the unique requirements and approach required to establish successful long term HR programs.

We offer the following specialized services to family businesses:

  • A proven approach and valuable perspective on governance and succession planning
  • Aligning Compensation planning and incentives with long-term family expectations (a key and challenging topic)
  • Compensation planning amidst highly emotional environments – focusing on role vs relationship (equity-based and market-based vs ownership or familial in nature)
  • Incentives over the long term with a focus on long term growth
  • Next generation family development and employment (Family Employment Policy)
  • Guidance and strategic counsel to internal HR teams to reflect the unique aspects of family run businesses
  • Guidance and support in forging collaborative relationships between non-family executives and  family
  • Representative Engagements
    • Establishing Family Governance frameworks
    • Establishing Business Governance Boards and selecting Independent Directors
    • Creating Family Business Rules and Family Employment Policies
    • Reviewing Shareholder Agreements, and defining family ownership transition strategies
    • Reviewing Family and Non-family Compensation – Creating new and reviewing existing
    • Next Generation Leadership and Business Acumen Development
    • Leadership Assessment – existing and potential
    • Family Succession Planing
    • Family Office Mandate and structure

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