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Experience, Perspective, Specialization


Meyer Advisory Group was founded in 2014 by Gerry Meyer. As CEO, Gerry serves as a highly experienced leader and enabler of organizational effectiveness and transformation. Gerry brings with him with the wisdom of 35+ years as an HR practitioner, consultant and advisor, with over 10 years as an executive for a family business.  His experience encompasses multiple business cycles in different industries including upswings and downswings – seeing both growth and recessionary markets and addressing the realities of each.


Gerry offers a unique perspective that is rooted in objectivity and independence and that ensures the long term interests of the client and best interest of the company inform all actions and advice.  He provides trusted, authentic and values-based leadership across a diverse range of business environments.


Gerry specializes in family enterprises, non-profit, real estate, high-tech and professional services industries.  He advises on a broad range of business issues including business and family governance, business and HR strategic planning, executive/leadership recruitment and assessment, next generation development and succession planning, talent acquisition and retention, employee performance development and high potentials programs, executive compensation and total rewards.  Gerry holds a CPHR (“Chartered Professional in Human Resources”) and FEA (“Family Enterprise Advisor”) designation as well as a Bachelor of Economics and Labour Relations from Carleton University.

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